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.003 x 11.750" x 18# 1235-O Aluminum Coil

.003 x 11.750" x 18# 1235-O Aluminum Coil

$ 60.00

Coils of aluminum with commercial finish and manufactured to the specifications of ASTM B-209 available in various alloys for multiple end uses.  These coils range from thin gauge to sheet thicknesses in a variety of widths.

Product Specifications:

  • Alloy-Temper: 1235-O
  • Thickness x Width: .003 x 11.75"
  • Core Size: 3"
  • Coil Weight: 18 lbs. 


Thin gauge easily cut with scissors.



The coils listed on this page are offered as is and may edge damage and/or surface imperfections making all sales final.  Have any questions…please call 216-365-2300 to speak with a customer service representative.