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25 Mar '15

Best Uses for Aluminum Alloys

Posted by Dan Battista

Aluminum alloys are one of the most commonly used metal products due to their versatility and conductivity. If you are considering adding an aluminum alloy to your product, there are some things to know before you make your selection. Here are some of the best uses for aluminum alloys and their corresponding series designations:

  • Aluminum is valued for its light weight and conductivity. Aluminum alloys are widely used for magnets and transformers. As a metal, aluminum is offered in several different series, which have different properties.
  • The 1000 series is great for general applications. Aluminum alloys in the 1000 series are extremely versatile. Resistant to weathering and easy to weld, the 1100, 1235 and 1350 alloys offer heat and electricity conduction and are popular for electronic applications.
  • The 3000 series offers additional strength. Alloys known as 3003 are heavier than the 1000 series and have many of the same general characteristics. These are used in applications where the tensile strength of the 1000 series simply wouldn’t be enough.
  • The 5000 series of aluminum alloys have specific applications for commercial and manufacturing use. Like the 3000 series, the 5000 options offer even more tensile strength. This toughness is ideal for automotive parts and marine applications.
  • The 6000 series has a focused use. Aluminum alloys in this category are used for sheet metal applications that include building structural components, furniture parts, agricultural uses, aircraft fuselage and pipes.

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