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For All Your Metal Requirements

22 Jun '15

Let Vortex Order and Store Your Metal Rolls

Posted by Dan Battista

If your business involves using metals as part of your daily process, then you know it is critical to have access to the types of materials you need when you need them in order to keep your processes moving forward. Vortex Metals, a leader in commercial metal preparation and distribution, can provide you with access to the metals that you require. Here’s how we can accomplish that:

  • We can order the supplies you need as you need them. Vortex Metals can handle all of your metal acquisitions. From copper to aluminum and stainless steel, you can be sure that Vortex has the ability to find and order the metals that you need that will match the processes you use to complete them. We offer a wide range of metals, including aluminum, stainless steel and copper.
    • We can store your metal supplies prior to processing. Having trouble finding space at your facility to store your metals? Are you tired of having to order metals, have them stored at your facility and then sent out for processing? Vortex Metals can solve that problem for you. Our team can order the materials that you need and keep them on our site until you are ready for them to be processed and delivered. A simple phone call to our team will get your metals onto our work schedule and we will arrange for delivery to your site at your convenience.
      • Vortex offers a wide range of processing options that can meet your needs. From precision slitting to burr free edges, you will appreciate the professionalism and versatility of our team and the wide range of services that we offer in creating the edging and finishes you need for your project.

        Call Vortex Metals today for more information on how we can assist you in making sure that you have metals on hand when you need them. Call us now to speak to one of our friendly, knowledgeable team members.

        23 Apr '15

        Versatility in Cutting and Edge Preparation at Vortex

        Posted by Dan Battista

        Preparing and processing rolls of commercial metals can require specialized equipment in order to provide you with the exact specifications that you need for your project. The experts at Vortex Metals have a wide range of capabilities that can make your next metal project easy. Here are just a few of our cutting and edge preparation options for your next order:

        • We can provide a #3 edge for transformers. If you are doing transformer work, then you know that having a burr-free edge is critical. Using our technology, we can offer you smooth edges that will be ideal for your transformer manufacturing processes.
        • Our processes can save you time and money. If you need a roll of metal both edged and slitted for your specific needs, we can do it at the same time. Our machinery is calibrated to take care of edging and slitting during the same process, saving labor costs as well as decreasing the overall processing time.
        • We can store your metals on site. For businesses that need regular deliveries of metals to their teams, let us store your metal rolls on site. When you need a roll of copper, aluminum or another metal edged or slitted, simply give us a call and we will get it processed and have it delivered to you. No more waiting for metal to be shipped and then processed as we can keep your stock on our site, ready for when you need it.
        • We have quick response times on processing needs. Whether your metal is already at our shop or you are having it delivered, you can count on professional service and quick turnaround times from our staff. We have seven different slitting and edging machines ready to work on your materials and get them processed.

        Would you like to learn more about our capabilities? Call Vortex Metals today to learn more about what our shop can handle and average turnaround times for your project. Our expert team of metals specialists will be able to suggest just the right process for your project and give you a quick quote. Call us today!

        25 Mar '15

        Best Uses for Aluminum Alloys

        Posted by Dan Battista

        Aluminum alloys are one of the most commonly used metal products due to their versatility and conductivity. If you are considering adding an aluminum alloy to your product, there are some things to know before you make your selection. Here are some of the best uses for aluminum alloys and their corresponding series designations:

        • Aluminum is valued for its light weight and conductivity. Aluminum alloys are widely used for magnets and transformers. As a metal, aluminum is offered in several different series, which have different properties.
        • The 1000 series is great for general applications. Aluminum alloys in the 1000 series are extremely versatile. Resistant to weathering and easy to weld, the 1100, 1235 and 1350 alloys offer heat and electricity conduction and are popular for electronic applications.
        • The 3000 series offers additional strength. Alloys known as 3003 are heavier than the 1000 series and have many of the same general characteristics. These are used in applications where the tensile strength of the 1000 series simply wouldn’t be enough.
        • The 5000 series of aluminum alloys have specific applications for commercial and manufacturing use. Like the 3000 series, the 5000 options offer even more tensile strength. This toughness is ideal for automotive parts and marine applications.
        • The 6000 series has a focused use. Aluminum alloys in this category are used for sheet metal applications that include building structural components, furniture parts, agricultural uses, aircraft fuselage and pipes.

        If you are looking for the right aluminum alloy for your next project, but are unsure which alloy to choose, call on Vortex Metals. Our expert team of metals specialists will be able to suggest just the right fit for your project. Call us today!